Repair of the roof

Sealants for roof installations, and repairs of rigid roof.


Repairs of the rigid roof

For the repairs of the hard roof from metal sheeting using tape, butyl caoutchouc, a variety of sizes of the brand PLASTILENT LC (with two adhesive surface), PLASTILENT LM NP (isolated, non-woven fabric), for additional noise insulation tape is used PLASTILENT LM insulation (foam izola).


To work on the roof surface with galvanized iron it is recommended to use butyl caoutchouc belts reinforced with foil or metalized film - PLASTILENT Q and LM LM L.


Sheme to handling of the roof joints made of rigid type .


Repair of the roof of soft type.

Waterproofing of soft type roofs is used for damaged areas that violate the entirety, in the areas adjoining to the communications (chimneys, ventilation shafts, etc.). For work applied bitumen primer PLASTILENT (surface preparation), as a protective waterproofing layer - paste IBC with additional stacking web material. Excellent waterproofing layer will mastic PLASTILENT M containing UV pigments repel the sun's rays. In this case, the stacking of the web material not required.