Ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration are making our lives more pleasant and comfortable. However, they are all located in close proximity to the habitats of people to control climate and for comfort, but we have to suffer from an acoustic discomfort:


When operating such devices we're experiencing increased air flow and structural noise. In order to reduce the structural noise generated by oscillatory ventilators, you can use adhesive tape PLASTILENT brand LM p (reinforced with aluminum foil). Foil in conjunction with non-curing layer of butyl rubber creates an excellent vibration damping effect and eliminates the acoustic behavior of surfaces within different ventilation systems.


To increase the resistance of the thermal conductivity in isothermal systems, cold and heat applied tape marks LM insulation (foam reinforced izola, ​​LM fi (reinforced foamed izola coated with foil), LM PF (dubbed gas-filled polyethylene foam).


For sealing of retaining flanges, as a sealing material used adhesive tape LK (with two adhesive surface), tourniquet of different diameters.