To seal assembly seam of one-two or three-layered panels of reinforced concrete houses and buildings used materials PLASTILENT F and PLASTILENT M.


Sealant PLASTILENT F (briquette diameter of 40-50 mm in plastic) is applied in the dust, snow and ice free seam by using electric isolation device (isolation dispensing gun).

Also the sealing of seam is permitted by means of foam, after it dries up, cut it out to match panel specification. For seam heat-insulation, before applying foam use any heat insulators (e.g. Veloterm).



Final step of seam sealing is to apply mastic PLASTILENT M (one-component composition based rubber containing reflective pigments) rubber spatula layer of 3-5 mm. To fill voids, the allowable layer of mastic is 10 mm.


While applying ensure the uniform layer, sealant layer thickness at least 3 mm.


From the inside of seam for sealing, use the butyl caoutchouc tape LM NP (reinforced nonwoven) with the required width.


For additional insulation of seam joints, apply reinforcement tape LM butyl caoutchouc insulation (foam reinforced izola).


The width of the strips to be calculated from the width of the seam + 40 mm on each side.