Anti-corrosion coating of the pipes transporting hydrocarbon products (gas and oil pipelines) and metal waterpipes:


  • Bituminous-caoutchouc IBC PLASTILENT, bituminous primer PLASTILENT - to protect the pipelines from corrosion, without pre-insulation,  before laying into the ground;
  • Mastic PLASTILENT M (with protective UV pigments) - to seal the transitions "surface to air";


  • The tape LM NP (dubbed nonwoven) - repair of places of damages of factory heat-shrinkable plastic coatings of pipelines to fill the sinuses around the welded joints of pipelines and to aligning of the stamp of the welder to splice insulated plastic adhesive tape (especially for large diameter pipes).
  • The tape LM fi (dubbed izola foam) tape LM AF (dubbed gas-filled polyethylene foil- coated) - for polyurethane shells (insulation of pipes) from moisture.