Waterproofing rigid roof


General waterproofing of the roof usually required in areas where the roof adjacent to structures of fencing, chimney trunks, and ventilation systems.


For reliable sealing contiguity of the roof using butyl- caoutchouc tape PLASTILENT LC (two adhesive surfaces) PLASTILENT F (tourniquet) or tape PLASTILENT LM L (on the metallized film).


Also for the repair and waterproofing of roofs sealant hard PLASTILENT M with an intermediate layer of glass is suitable.


Waterproofing roofs soft type


Waterproofing of soft type roofs is used for damaged areas that violates the entirety,  in the areas adjoining to the communications (chimneys, ventilation shafts, etc.). To apply a waterproofing bituminous primer PLASTILENT (surface preparation), as a protective waterproofing layer - mastic or mastic MBK PLASTILENT M with additional stacking web material and without it.