TU 5775-005-69068276-2012


Description and basic properties:

  • One-component liquid of viscous putty based on butyl rubber and modified bitumen.
  • Basic properties:
  • versatility, efficiency, convenience and ease of use;
  • Ready to use material;
  • excellent water repellency;
  • none fire method of use;
  • excellent adhesion to all building materials;
  • fast curing;
  • High resistance to weathering (sun radiation, ozone, temperature extremes)


Application area
Mastic MBC "MBC BUTISLAN" is intended for waterproofing of external surfaces of building structures, including roofs (for concrete foundations and old roofing carpet), foundations and basement walls made of concrete and/or brick.


Technical data MBK "MBK Butislan"
Heat resistance, 0C, at t80 0C without changes
Water absorption,%, not more than 0,1
The drying time of the applied layer,
at 20 ° C in hours, no more than
Flexibility Test on a bar with a radius of (25 ± 0.2) mm, t = -15 ° C absence of cracks
The strength of adhesion to the base, MPa (kgf / cm2) 0,05 (5,0)
Tensile strength.
MPa (kgf / cm2), no less than
0,05 (5,0)
Working temperature: -20° - +40°С
Operating temperature range: - 40 ° - + 45 ° C (operating conditions YXL 1). It withstands heat in direct sunlight to + 75 ° C
Average consumption of the material: for two-layer coating - 3-5 kg / m2
Warranty period of storage: 12 months (in dry heated rooms in the original unopened container)
Warranty period: 8 years.


Packing / Color
Packaging: metal bucket with a lid "collar" of 20 kg, 50 kg.
Black: color


Directions for use:
Mastic used only for exterior use. Before use; mix thoroughly by using a mixer with electric drive (for example, a drill, 300-400 rev / min).


Mastic is easy to use, completely ready for use and does not require any heating. Mastic is applied onto a dry surface with a brush or the roofing-mop at ambient temperature from -20 ° C to + 30 ° C applying two layers, when it is necessary reinforce with fiberglass or fiber-grid.