Technical data:


Color: gray, black

Consistency: plastical



Plastilent-J - plastical, self-adhesive, multi-purpose tape sealant in a form of tourniquet which does not contain solvent-based synthetic rubbers. It contains anti-corrosive components, and can be coated with standard oil varnishes and synthetic resin paints. The material is resistant to water and aging. According to its adhesive quality it can be applied on all clean and dry metal surfaces, shows excellent compatibility with various materials. Plastilent-J is used for sealing the overlaps and subtends as a sealant. At the same time parts must be mechanically fixed, for example by: staples, screws, rivets etc.


Plastilent-J is used for sealing and gasketing:

  • in the automotive industry for sealing metal, wood and plastic parts, for example: sealing tail lights housings, the filter housing compartments, the engine control units, in between the door trim and door frame, floors, etc.
  • Also used as corrosion protection between the contact surfaces of steel and non-ferrous metals.


Color: gray, black
Consistency: plastical
Density (23 ° C): approx. 1.55 g / sm3- approx. 1.65 g / cm3
Solids contents: 100%
Adhesion: Medium
Paint: normal
Operating temperature: -25 ° C up to 80 ° C short time use (1 hour) 140 ° C


Processing / Preliminary remark:
Before use it is necessary to read the safety precautions and regulations of their compliance. In the absence of instructions, comply with the general safety precautions for handling chemical products.


Preparation for sealing:
The joints must be dry and free of grease, free from dust, dirt and other particles that prevents adhesiveness (eg. lubricants).


Plastilent J- measure an appropriate length and unwinds it from spools, to impose on the seam and press on it. Protective paper (film) is not to be separated when unwinding from spools, and after blending and compression, to avoid unwanted flow. At the end with crossing superimposed and fixed.


Storage Frost precautions
Recommended storage temperature: 10 ° C to 25 ° C
Shelf life: 12 months


The above data and particularly the recommendations for application and use of our products are based on our knowledge and experience. Due to different materials and conditions of application which are beyond our control we recommend strongly to carry out sufficient tests, the suitability of our products for the intended processes and applications.


In this application, the guarantee can only wear the character of oral consultations, and should be borne in mind that the neglect or gross errors are leading to losses.


The above Technical Data Sheet supersedes all previous editions.