TU 5772-004-69068276-2011


Plastilent LM-NP - Butyl self-adhesive sealing tape coated on one side with self-release coating (paper or polymer ilm) on the other side of the nonwoven web, this tape is suitable for sealing joints in prefabricated house-building, for the installation of windows, etc .; can be used in the temperature range from - 60 ° C to + 70.


Example of reference designation for ordering
Tape mounting LM NP 100x1,5


wherein 100 mm - width of butyl tape, 1.5 mm - is the thickness of the tape.




The properties of the tape "Plastilent LM NP"
indicator standard
Penetration, 0.1mm 30-130
The bond strength with the metal Peel N / m (kgf / cm) is not less than 150 (0,15)
The bond strength of the concrete at break, MPa, not less than 0,1
Water absorption,%, not more 0,3
Permeability mg (mg / g Pa) max 0,01
Minimum installation temperature -15 С°
Operating temperature from -60 to 90 ° C
Conditional lifetime at least 10 years


How to use tape "Plastilent LM NP"

Before applying the tape "Plastilent LM NP" the concrete surface must be cleaned of dust and dirt and moisture. To improve the adhesion of the tape to the surface it is desirable to apply a base layer of the primer composition.


Before working with the tape roll remove anti adhesive strip (paper) and only then apply the tape on a work surface. To apply and roll out tape in such way that the surface of the tape would be smooth without wrinkles, bubbles and air bubbles.

Ramp up the tapes along the length by doing the overlaps.


Transportation and storage.

Tape Plastilent LM NP packed in corrugated boxes, and can be transported by any mode of transport in conditions which ensure its protection from atmospheric precipitation, mechanical damage. The tape and tourniquet can be stored in dry warehouses at any ambient temperature. If the tape is stored at temperatures below 0 ° C, then it is necessary to keep in warm temperature for one day, at (20 ° C). Loading and unloading to be handled with care.