TU 5772-004-69068276-2011


Sealing and noise absorbing adhesive butyl tape "Plastilent LM Isolation" is the middle layer material of assembly seam. Density corresponds to the requirements of GOST 30971-2002 "Stitches of assemblies, adjacencies window units to wall openings."




Short description of the tape:
Thermal insulating sealing, butyl caoutchouc self-adhesive tape "Plastilent LM Isolation" is covered with polyethylene foam. On one side has an open butyl layer protected with release paper. For instalation on the escarpment of the window unit to prevent freezing of foam and also used as sound-absorbing low tide (in this case the tape is glued to the inside of the ebb and eliminates the noise of the rain).
A wide range of tapes sizes allows to protect the joints of virtually any size. The tape is supplied in rolls. The use of heat-sealing and sound-absorbing self-adhesive butyl tape "Plastilent LM Isolation" provides thermal insulation, sound insulation, protection from moisture foam from the wall openings.


Example of Ordering
Tape mounting the LM isolation 200x1,5h3
wherein mm 200 - width butyl tape, 1.5 mm - the thickness of the tape, 3mm - thickness izola


How to apply tapes "Plastilent LM Isolation"
The tape "Plastilent LM Isolation" is ready to use and does not require any tools during installation . The surfaces of the window opening must be cleaned of old construction materials with a spatula and brush to remove dust. If the surface of the window opening is damaged fix it before use of tape.
The tape must be tightly adheres along its entire length. Tape must be butt-jointed. On drainings film "Plastilent LM Isolation" is glued along its entire length or its segments.
When installing the balcony door on the vertical surface of the frame by the window is glued to vapor-isolation barrier tape "Plastilent LM Isolation." It is also possible to set the tape around the perimeter of the wall opening. The tape needs to be cut out using aligned surface.
When installing the tape remove the release paper that protects the adhesive strip, and attach the tape on the surface of the window opening, the sink or wall opening. Place prepared window frame in the doorway and align it to plumb line and fasten with the wall fasteners.


Selecting the tape width "Plastilent LM Isolation"
The recommended width of the tape is selected as follows: the size of the thickness of the window unit.


Specifications Ribbon "Plastilent LM Isolation"
Penetration 0.1 mm, limits 30-130
The bond strength with the metal Peel N / m (kgf / cm) is not less than 150 (0,15)
The bond strength of the concrete at break, MPa, not less than 0,1
Water absorption,%, not more 0,3
Operating temperature from - 60 ° C to + 90 ° C
Minimum installation temperature -15 °С
Conditional lifetime at least 10 years