The sealant is in the form of self-adhesive tapes of non-woven fabric base, with two mounting butyl side panels. On one side the material, prevents moisture and on the other - facilitates the passage of steam.


Application area:


  • outer sealing for contiguity of window and door to wall aperture;
  • protection of the thermal insulation layer.


Waterproofing and "breathable" tape of diffusion type is used for the outer sealing joints (on the perimeter) during installation of translucent structures and doors.





Main specifications
Material Diffusion polypropylene tape fabric with two component adhesive strip based on butyl rubber, coated on one side.

Basic geometric dimensions:

The width (u) × thickness (mm)

(50÷250) ×1,5
application temperature not lower than -20 ° C
operating temperature from -60 ° C to + 140 ° C
Water absorption,% 24H, not more 0,30
The bond strength with a metal peel, N / m, at least 400
The bond strength to concrete during break, MPa, not less 0,1
Creep resistance at 70 ° C, mm, not more than 2,0
Storage conditions Store in the original container in a dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. Shelf life - 12 months.


How to apply:

Before applying the sealant, the working surface must be prepared being dry, clean of dirt and dust, and in the winter from icing. On rusty surfaces remove any loose outer layers, rusting and corrosion.  Remove from the tape  anti-adhesive coating, the sealant side of the tape to be applied onto working surface, firmly press or roll on through reinforced coating. Working with sealant is not recommended when the outdoor temperature is below -20 ° C, rain, snow. Sealant does not require any special protective means for workers.