ТU 5772-004-69068276-2011


Plastilent LC, F - Self-adhesive sealing butylene-caoutchouc tape or tourniquet with useable two sides. It can be used

for sealing, waterproofing and gluing the two surfaces in construction, engineering, and operable in the temperature range from -60 ° C to + 90 ° C.


Example of reference designation for ordering:


"Tape assembly LK 200x1.5", 200 mm is the Width of butyl tape, tape thickness 1.5.

"Tourniquet for mounting 5 mm", 5 mm - the diameter of the tourniquet.




How to use tape "Plastilent LK" and string "Plastilent J"

Before applying the tape "Plastilent LK" and tourniquet "Plastilent J" before working the surface, it must be cleaned by brush or cloth, to rid of dust, dirt, moisture,at winter from ice, snow and frost. When working with tape "Plastilent LK" - remove antiadhesive coating on one side, apply tape onto surface, and unroll it, so that the surface became continuous without gaps and violations of the sealing layer, and then to attach the second part.


Transportation and storage.

Tape Plastilent LK and tourniquet PLASTILENT J are packed in corrugated boxes, and can be transported by any mode of transport in conditions which ensure its protection from atmospheric precipitation, mechanical damage. The tape and tourniquet can be stored in dry warehouses at any ambient temperature. If the tape is stored at temperatures below 0 ° C, then it is necessary to keep in warm temperature for one day, at (20 ° C). When loading-unloading, to be handled with care.


The properties of butyl caoutchouc tape "Plastilent LK" and harness "Plastilent J":  
 indicator  Standard
 Penetration, 0.1mm  30-130
 The bond strength with the metal Peel N / m (kgf / cm) is not less than  150 (0,15)
Water absorption,%, not more 0,3
The bond strength in the separation of the concrete, MPa, not less 0,10
Minimum installation temperature -15 С0
Operating temperature From -60 to 90 С0
Conditional lifetime at least 10 years