TU 5772-004-69068276-2011


Steam insulation butyl caoutchouc adhesive sealing tape "Plastilent LM oak" is the material of the inner layer of the mounting seal. Fully compliant with the requirements of GOST 30971-2002 "Stitches assembly joints of window units to wall openings."




Short description
Steam insulation sealing butyl caoutchouc tape dubbed non-woven fabric on both sides. Both sides has open butyl layer which is protected by paper strip. The presence of non-woven fabric on both sides of the tape results in an ease of installation and creates a better adhesion of the tape with mounting foam and plaster solutions.
It is used for finishing in seams as plaster solutions and dry methods (plastic slopes, sandwich panels, etc.). A wide range in tapes sizes allows selecting the material to protect the joints of virtually any size. The tape is supplied in rolls. Use of vapor-permeable tapes "Plastilent LM oak" provides reliable protection for foam from moisture from the premises, and thus prevents condensation on the inner surface of the slope.


Application of tape "Plastilent LM oak"
Tape "Plastilent LM Oak" is ready to use and does not require tools during its installation. The surfaces of the window opening must be cleaned of old construction materials with a spatula and brush to remove dust. If the surface of the window opening is damaged, they need to be fixed.
The wall surface of the porous material in the places of the gluing strips requires priming, by the same primers that were used in the construction.
Tape needs to be adhered along its entire length. Any gap or
un-tightness could create the place for penetration to the foam by moisture of the room air.
Use overlap method, when applying tapes to the surface.
It is recommended to glue the tape to prevent the expansion of foam. It is necessary for foam while it's expanding to pull the tape more densely.
Tape for window unit needs some extra width to enable sealing of aperture angle that creates a reliable vapor barrier around the perimeter of the window. Further, the tape needs to be freed of
release paper that protects the adhesive strip, and then attach tape to the box of window construction. Place prepared window frame in the doorway and align it to plumb line and fasten with the wall fasteners. The second stage installation space is filled with foam. From the second adhesive side of the tape remove the release paper and attach the tape to the slope.

The ends of the vertical segments of the tape have to be bent onto horizontal slopes, and the ends of the horizontal segments bent onto vertical slopes.


Selecting the tape width "Plastilent LM oak"
The recommended width of the tape is selected as follows: the width of the mounting gap plus 40-60 mm (width of adhesive tape strips)


Specifications Ribbon "Plastilent LM oak"
Penetration 0.1 mm, limits 30-130
The bond strength with the metal Peel N / m (kgf / cm) is not less than 150 (0,15)
The bond strength of the concrete at break, MPa, not less than 0,1
Water absorption,%, not more 0,3
Permeability mg (mg / g Pa) max 0,01
Minimum installation temperature -15 С0
Operating temperature from -60C to 90 C
Conditional lifetime at least 10 years